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Internet-Minded Design & Development

was born in 2011 from collaborative works developed between David Ernst and Priscilla Borges, Bloomington (IN) residents. Together they can go much farther with webdesign, enjoying their home-office and aiming to satisfy the most demanding clients. They continue to offer their work separately as well as in collaboration, depending on your needs.

David Ernst: the nerd

David Ernst The Web is a wonderful tool, but I see that most small organizations are only scratching the surface of what they themselves know the Web can offer. Dynamic Web sites can accept user input, allow searching, allow each user to log in and see their own stuff. They don't just show the same information to everyone who visits. I love dreaming about the next connection I'll make and the system that we will build together. If you have an idea, get in touch and let me know. Please visit my website for a more complete approach to my work: David Ernst logo

Priscilla Borges: the creative

Priscilla Borges Enthusiastic about life, I am always involved with music and visual arts.
Born in Brazil, now I bring 15 years of computer graphics experience to Bloomington, IN. After working as a designer for IU Jacobs School of Music, I continue as a freelancer, creating marketing materials of all sorts, and developing websites. My strongest traits are creativity & diversity of styles (one of my favorite things is to be challenged to come up with unique ideas), objectivity (I'll focus on your real needs), and attention to detail.
Please visit my complete portfolio at
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How is the website of your dreams?

We focus on functionality but we do not leave the beauty behind. If you answer YES to any of the questions below, you are in the right place. There is a dizzying array of technologies that makes all of these things possible. Our job is to keep track of how all of these things work, so that we can put them to good use on your site.

Yes Can I update my own content?
Can we include a custom-made form?
Can we add a survey to my site?
Can users log in and see information not available to the public?
Can I export information from my Web site into a spreadsheet?
Can I upload a spreadsheet to change some of the information stored on my Web server?
Can some information display only after a user clicks on something or types in something?
Can I integrate a custom-made calendar into my website?

Content Management System (CMS)

Besides working in HTML, we also offer CMS sites where you can make changes in content yourself.
There are many levels of customization: we can use a standard theme, drop your logo in it, and you're ready to go. Or we can build a custom theme from scratch.
We have experience with the most common tools of the trade: Wordpress, Drupal, Google Sites, MediaWiki, etc.

Database Applications

  • integration of Excel Spreadsheet within your website
  • results of a survey showing in a webpage
  • password-protected pages
  • custom-made forms and surveys
  • integration of your database in your website
  • intranet


Translating your idea into success

My work starts with a deep understanding about your business, competitors, and target audience(s). Whatever your marketing needs are - from a logo to a brochure or even a billboard - my goal is to integrate my knowledge and your expectations. Your materials will not only be beautiful and well-executed, but they will make your business stand out.
Please visit my comprehensive portfolio at, or navigate below to your specific area of interest.

Logos Ads CD Packaging Brochures Powerpoint Presentations Posters

Make your business stand out

There are several different ways to reach your audience. I will study your specific case and recommend a couple of methods to achieve the best visibility. Printed or virtual materials should be coordinated and used to their highest potential.

Printed Materials

I can develop all types of printed materials: business cards, brochures, ads in newspapers and magazines, posters, outdoor banners, billboards or even bus sides.
Please visit my graphic design portfolio for samples of materials I have been developing during these years.

E-Newsletters & seasonal or greeting E-cards

There is nothing like receiving a professional-looking e-mail! I can help you build a personalized e-mail, or a whole campaign that will make you proud of it. I also develop Flash e-cards!

Virtual Ads

Let’s use the internet to reach very specific demographics, targeting people based on ages, gender, relationship status, and more: Facebook & Google ads, as well as animated or static web banners.

Social Media

I can walk through some of the most-used social media programs such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and explain how your business can benefit from being part of these new media tools.

Etsy and other commercial sites

Want to have a page in Etsy and don’t know how to start? I can help you through the process and create all the graphics you will need to show your talents.

Searching Engine Optimization (SEO)

What is the use of having a beautiful website if it doesn’t show in Google search? There are many tricks we can teach you to help make your business show up more prominently in search engines.


Do you have lots of information flying around? And you know that a lot of it could snap together like a jigsaw puzzle if only you had a way to figure out which pieces go where?

Some situations are ripe for integration, but require special care to get different sources of information to play along with each other. Sometimes it's difficult to tell what is possible and what isn't. Sometimes you just want to talk it all through.

For example, the local public school district contacted me several years ago, saying that their staff was spending too much time creating accounts on their Windows network for new hires. We talked through several ideas, and ended up constructing a system that extracted information about the new employees from the existing human resources system, and allow the accounts to be created with minimal effort via a Web interface. This saved a great deal of tedious staff time, and greatly reduced the likelihood of accounts being set up with improper configurations. We eventually expanded the system to include accounts for students, whose accounts are now created with no human intervention whatsoever, and whose usernames and passwords are synchronized across several different systems.

Sometimes such systems can come together with surprisingly little effort. Other times things are truly complicated. What's important, of course, is that you find a system that expands your productivity: either something that offers new possibilities, or something that saves a considerable amount of time. Or both. And this often happens.

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