Ecologic LLC

We built this ecological restoration and green infrastructure website to look amazing in any screen size. Hundreds of projects are now organized and a system was established to easily expand their portfolio. Dynamic banner shows their choice of project to be displayed on homepage. The customized map shows all of their projects and link major ones to their own pages. The project included custom icons, dynamic elements, social media integration, photo enhancement and much more.

Ecologic Indiana LLC

Complete website redesign with dymanic banner showing latest projects along with customized map and icons.
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The 88 Project

David built this searchable database of persecuted political activities in Vietnam. The information is also accessible via a geographic map interface and timeline. Webdesign by IMDD, including custom icons, dynamic elements and photoshop collages.

The 88 Project

Complete customized website along with searchable database, also
accessible via a dynamic geographic map interface.
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Inspire Success

Learn More Indiana Online Survey – roughly 40,000 Indiana students take the Learn More Indiana Student Survey each year. David wrote and maintains the code that delivers the surveys to students, collects the results and (here) allows the public to query the results.  This is only one aspect of a huge variety of material on the Inspire Success (Previously known as ASAI) website, most of which is only accessible for authorized users. David has done the programming and database integration for all of it.


The American Student Achievement Institute (ASAI) creates national, statewide and regional networks of schools and community organizations who change their culture (systems) and public will.
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Community Access Television Services (CATS) – David built the infrastructure that makes archived CATS videos available on their Web site.  CATS staff simply save raw video files to a particular folder on a local server, and with no additional human intervention the files are transcoded to Web-friendly formats and uploaded to the Web server. They appear (and are searchable) on the public Web interface as soon as they arrive. David also built administrative tools to allow CATS staff to edit meeting names, save agendas, choose thumbnail images, etc.


CATS, a department of the Monroe County Public Library, acts as steward for the City of Bloomington’s five PEG access channels. The CATS Community Network provides a diverse array of access television services with support from the Monroe County Public Library, the City of Bloomington, Monroe County and the Town of Ellettsville, as well as local video service providers.
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United Pet Care

Besides implementing a custom Wordpress theme for the United Pet Care website, David built the infrastructure to allow:
  • employees of enrolled companies and the general public to sign up for their program, including selecting a participating veterinarian
  • site administrators to maintain their database of participating employers and veterinarians
  • allow the public to search the database of participating veterinarians by Zip code.
  • administrative staff at member companies to view their enrollment and billing details via a web portal.


United Pet Care (UPC), a family-owned and operated corporation, understands that healthcare programs for pets are needed in today’s economic environment. Offering a more affordable, comprehensive, and easy-to-use solution than pet insurance, UPC connects pet owners with reliable veterinarians.
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Monroe County Public Library

Monroe County Index and Monroe County Timeline – two separate but related projects helping the public access the vast resources for the Monroe County Public Library’s Indiana Room.

Monroe County Timeline

The authoritative and popular index of Monroe County’s historical and curiously interesting events. The Timeline was built by the local community through a partnership between the Monroe County Public Library, Monroe County History Center, and the Office of Archives and Records Management at Indiana University Bloomington.

RIOT Artists

A leading talent agency for “world music” artists.  David helped them integrate their WordPress site with their existing Salesforce infrastructure, so that new tour dates show up in various places on their website as soon as they are entered into Salesforce. David also built a custom system for them to track their artists’ proposed tour dates, very popular with venues!

RIOT Artists

Kallet Larsen Music Store

This store was built using WooCommerce, the outstanding e-commerce plugin for WordPress. Grey Larsen wanted to manage the content, but David provided technical work and guidance along the way.  Our team also built, and

Kallet Larsen Store

Cindy Kallet and Grey Larsen, are well-know for their decades of music, particularly for traditional Irish music, old-time fiddle and guitar music, and original music of their own. You may listen to them and view videos for free.

Elizabeth Hershey

Elizabeth had a very clear vision of how she wanted her portfolio to work. David worked with her to build this beautiful customized website, including galleries and forms. Now, when she uploads photos with a simple interface, the galleries on her site update automatically.


Hershey is a photographer located in the midwest & east coast, specializing in weddings, events, portraits, headshots, and product photography. Interested in projects large and small, shooting on a daily basis for hire or on personal work. Also working in fine arts photography and abstract portraiture.

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MCCSC Bus Info site

MCCSC Bus Info site – a system allowing the transportation department of this public school district (which serves roughly 11,000 students) to post updates on the bus delays and substitutions. News automatically appears on the website, and those interested can also sign up to receive text messages whenever there is a change to their bus.

MCCSC Bus Info Site