We Build Your Dream

Internet-Minded was born in 2011 from collaborative works developed between David Ernst and Priscilla Borges, Bloomington (IN) residents. Together they can go much farther with webdesign, enjoying their home-office and aiming to satisfy the most demanding clients. They continue to offer their work separately as well as in collaboration, depending on your needs.

David Ernst

The Nerd

I enjoy working with computer code. I also enjoy working with people. Let’s talk about your goals and desires, and make a plan for realizing them.

I see the world through nerd-colored glasses. Describe a situation to me – say, the processes that run your business – and I immediately start thinking about what parts of it can be streamlined, automated, published and securely managed via the World Wide Web. Static web pages that work like online brochures are great, and an important part of every organization’s web presence. But, the Web is far more powerful than an online brochure. Everyone knows it, and yet few small businesses allow themselves to dream about how their site could do something more than give general information to the public.

I’m here to help you develop that kind of dream. And to help you realize that kind of dream.

Unlike so many people who enjoy working with computer code, network protocols, binary numbers, etc., I also enjoy working with people. Communication is a completely essential part of my work. I work closely with my clients to develop a firm understanding of their goals and desires. I do my best to understand their ideas, but also to suggest possible paths that they may not have considered. In the notoriously fast-changing world of the Web, it’s difficult to always realize just how much power might be right at our fingertips.

Some people don’t dare to dream about dynamic web sites because they assume that the complexity involved must make it far too expensive to consider. It certainly takes skill and effort, and therefore costs money. However, I suspect most people would be surprised by how far money can go in this area. And, if the end result isn’t going to lower costs, improve effectiveness, or generate revenue worthy of the cost to construct it, then I believe you shouldn’t build it. And, I won’t hesitate to tell you so. This is no reason not to dream. Your dream might be far more affordable than you imagine. And far more powerful. But only after you’ve done some dreaming can the costs and benefits of the dream be estimated. Start dreaming, and when you’re ready, let’s talk.

Priscilla Borges

The Creative

I know how to use your vision to build a unique, effective and successful product. Printed or online. Make your inspiration mine!

Born in Brazil, I have 16 years of experience working with computer graphics and music. I have a degree in Architecture and City Planning (which gave me great structural thinking and visual arts background), and Music (Masters in Voice at IU). I’ve been in Bloomington since 2005, worked as a graphic and web designer at the Music Publicity Office of the Indiana University Jacob’s School of Music for 3 years, and finally became the co-owner of Internet-Minded Design and Development with my husband David Ernst in January 2011.

Enthusiasm: I love what I do and love making others happy as well! I will help you spread your ideas.

Creativity: One of my favorite things is to be challenged to come up with new ideas. I celebrate your unique style!

Versatility: Browse through my portfolio to see the diversity of styles and techniques I have enjoyed developing as a professional designer. Let’s find the right technique and style for you!

Focus: I take my work seriously and I focus on targeting your audience and meeting your goals. We will make a plan of action together and find the best solution for your needs with the minimum use of your time.

Professionalism: I am serious and reliable. I honor project timelines and I am great a following up with e-mails. I respect your ideas, and I believe we are all doing our best to create a better world. Let’s do it together!

Patience: I will respect your own pace, explain and build tutorials for help you understand what we are doing. All this making sure you have a good time along the way.